The New Marsa33LHD

Continuing the evolution of the Marsa line of rocketry altimeters. Now 33mm narrow.  Now your 54mm minimum diameter rockets can easily fit the Marsa altimeter.

Marsa33LHD Features

  • 4 channel (FET output) + 1 TTL Aux output on-board
  • Accelerometer + Barometric sensors
  • Very high intensity Cree LED on-board for visual status
  • Removable LCD interface for event programming and altimeter diagnostics
  • LiPo battery safe with current limited FET outputs
  • Most advanced onboard diagnostics and ematch continuity and quality checking available
  • MarsaConnect PC-Windows software package for flight data analysis
  • Motor characterization from Marsa flight data within MarsaConnect
Click Here for Detailed description of Marsa33 features


Marsa33LHD and LCD module : $199
without LCD: $179